Diverted Eden

Diverted Eden

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After 7 year old Eden is kidnapped during an home invasion, single father Dane Hunte takes matters into his own hands, while Detective Fini, leading the investigation, unravels the mystery surrounding the unusual crime.

About the Film:

Diverted Eden stars Halloween native, Scout Taylor-Compton, as the lead detective investigating the case of a missing little girl, Eden, played by the up-and-coming ingénue, Trinity Valenzuela.  Playing opposite Compton in this Prisoners-esque parallel abduction-investigation is the debut of actor Daniel Josev in the leading role as Eden’s father, Dane Hunte.  Dane’s military background affords him not only the know-how in tracking down his potential nemeses, but also provides him with the ammunition (literally) and the ensemble of vigilantes that he needs in order to get the job done.  Portrayed in a classic who-done-it styled roll out, Diverted Eden will keep you on the edge of your seat in intrigue and suspense while keeping you entertained with wall-to-wall heart-pounding action.

Written & Directed By:

Prince Bagdasarian

Produced By:

Shirley Kim

Executive Producer:

Robert Shinn