Script Submission

Imaginating Pictures® seeks smart, original screenplays, which can be produced for under $1M. Imaginating Pictures® is not exclusive to any genre; however, our primary focus is to make quality, commercially viable films with at least one known talent attached on a limited budget. Therefore, stories should have a clear and meaningful arc and leave the audience somehow better for watching the film.

Material Submission Procedures and Policy

Although it is often the policy of the industry to only accept materials from known agencies, Imaginating Pictures® believes that fresh and interesting materials are likely to exist outside of such relationships and that writers without representation deserve an opportunity to have their scripts considered.

As such, Imaginating Pictures® welcomes direct submissions but only upon receipt of a properly executed and submitted 
Script Submission Statement of Understanding and Release (SSUR).

The SSUR must be read, signed and submitted to Imaginating Pictures® together with the materials submitted for consideration. Materials submitted without a release form may be discarded without reading.

Please also provide a logline of your script. A logline should tell us the general framework of your story while sparking interest in it in twenty-five words or less.

Please email us your script, logline and SSUR to: